Below are some things I’ve worked on, built or being involved in on my own time. Not all are software related.

Ultra Planner

in progress

This is a project I started a year ago that I have not yet launched. Details and link to come soon, but here’s a hint: it’s related to ultra running (big surprise, right?)

Cinema Esoteria Podcast


I launched this podcast with my talented and creative friend, Emma Valentiner in early 2019. We recorded 8 episodes over the course of the year and will continue to do so in the years to come. The show combines our shared love of cinema with our interest in the weird and paranormal.

PJM Softball


When I lived in Montreal, I played in a summer softball league. After two frustrating seasons of trying to navigate the league website, I decided to build a replacement in my free time. The following season, I unveiled the project to the league commissioners and they accepted my donation. As of 2019, the website has been active for six years. It was built with Ruby on Rails.

15x365 Run Club Project


My interest in running started with an attempt at running every day for a calendar year. The concept of running for “at least 15 minutes” for 365 days in a row was started by a couple friends of mine who completed the task in 2011. I didn’t quite make the mark when I tried in 2013, 2015 or 2019, but it secured a love of the sport anyway.

52 Films Project


My friend Adam and I created a list of 52 “must see” films for a friend of ours to watch over the course of a year. We ended up joining him every Sunday, accidentally starting a weekly movie club in the process. This is the list that kicked it off.



Robert Brockie and I started Burnreel as a way to share “micro” movie reviews. Our goal was to combine the brevity of Twitter with a customized recommendation algorithm that avoided simple aggregation or star based systems. While we believe the concept was sound, we didn’t get the critical mass of users required to really make it work. Still, it was a fun project and great learning experience.