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Disappointment at Black Canyon

Earlier this year I DNFed at the Black Canyon 100k. It was a frustrating result and a rather embarrassing experience. I preferred not to relive the experience, so my race report sat in the “drafts” queue for while before I finally picked it up again. I think it’s important to reflect on both one’s successes and failures, so I finally...

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Whistler Alpine Meadows 100M

I signed up for the Whistler Alpine Meadows (WAM) 100 miler in the spring. The event had returned from a two year Covid hiatus was now a Hardrock 100 qualifier. With almost 9000m (29k feet) of vertical gain, this wasn’t entirely a surprise. Even though I would be in Montreal for the summer — and would have to train —...

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Quebec Mega Trail 100M

This wasn’t supposed to be my first 100 miler. For years I’d intended to run the Fat Dog 120, a 120 miler. I’ve never learned the history of the extra distance, but being one of the best known races in BC, I’ve wanted to run it ever since I got into ultrarunning. It’s special to me because it ends in...

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The Sean O'Brien 100k

After my DNF at the Squamish 50k, I was hungry to race again. My failure in Squamish was a combination of poor training decisions, challenging conditions, and some bad luck. Despite the disappointing result, however, my body was feeling strong and I was eager to apply that fitness to another race. I knew wanted to run something in early 2022,...

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A Wet DNF at the Squamish 50k

The Covid era has not been kind to my ultrarunning career. After almost two years without races, I finally got back in the game and ran the Squamish 50k in October 2021. It’s taken me a while to write the race for a few reasons. Even though I’ve been on some amazing adventures over the last two years, I’ve felt...

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The Quarantine Backyard Ultra

In mid-March, when the threat of Covid hit Canada and the United States, public gatherings and events were cancelled in droves. In the sports world, it began with the professional leagues — NBA, NHL and so on — eventually trickling down to smaller events like trail and ultra races. Many of us in the ultra world were eager to follow...

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